Me?  I’m just a friendly girl with a Monkie on her back climbing the mountains of Southern California and running to the sea.  I bike, I hike, I run, I ride, I skip, I jump (albeit not so high anymore), I hoop, I pass, I score, I play.  I like to think that I kick ass.

But this blog is not about me.  It’s about what is out there.   I have had my own personal ups and downs but I look outside -it’s pretty amazing.   So that’s why I have this.  To remember that it’s awesome out there.  I just want to go outside and play.


Other info about me:

Stats: Tall, green eyed brunette with a mischievous mind and a smile to match

Distinguishing features:  Small furry little orange monkey on my back

Camera of choice: iPhone in shockproof and waterproof case

Retired sports/activities: Rugby (mom and dad are happy)

Current Sports/activites: Basketball, soccer, cycling, mtn biking, running,  volleyball,  hiking, mountaineering



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