Dude, I’m going to the gym.

Have you seen those people in spin class with the ridiculous sh$t eating grin on their face?  There they keep cadence to some ridiculously quick paced beat while sweat runs down their bodies like the a river in the Amazon.  Did you ever step back and think- What’s wrong with them?!? They are doing it wrong?!?  You are supposed to hate the gym right?

The gym is that big box that you should dread.  It has been socially blacklisted as a place of punishment that lies right up there with a root canal or getting a cold.  Instead of subjecting yourself to that horrid environment you can now buy a DVD that will produce INSANE results- just like the guy on the T.V. says!  Then there is cult of the CrossFit phenomenon- is not a gym because you don’t go into a “gym” or use standard “gym like” weights.*  Anything is better then going to a gym.  Just to avoid this place, usually rational humans are suddenly provoked to shell out $$ for ridiculous products like a Shake Weight and some bizarrely named Non-FDA approved miracle muscle producing and fat burning concoction.


No really, why?

I go to the gym because it lets me push my body in ways that I wouldn’t have access to unless, well, I owned a gym.  I can isolate and rehabilitate an injured area, run without worrying about that car not seeing me (or in my case- me not seeing that tree), and get a spin workout without worry of a flat tire. It’s a way to make measured improvements on my own pace.  It lets me fill in the days when I am not playing my sports or hiking.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being outside and I would spend every minute out there if I could.  But when I can’t, an indoor facility is a way for me to supplement my workouts.  I treat my workouts indoor and outdoor the same way I would with any athletic event- go hard, go strong, and be amazing.   I am not there to torture myself, I am there to improve myself- and what’s not to smile about that?

So next time you wander into a gym and see that girl on the bike wearing that super sexy sweat drenched spandex outfit smiling like a lunatic, give her a thumbs up.  I probably will give you an air high five back.

*PS.  CrossFit is a gym.  I know, it’s a gym pretending not to be a gym, but c’mon.  It’s a Reebok branded gym.  If you disagree, visit your nearest Sports Chalet and check out the “Crossfit by Reebok” section.


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