Think less, DO more

To me, being active is as essential as breathing.  It gives reason and purpose.  It allows me to explore and seek and discover and enjoy living through my own experiences. It allows me to decipher the world I live in through all my senses and it allows me to push the boundaries of my physical and mental limitations.  Everytime I push forward, I unlock another door and I learn.

So while this iinitial post is so very poetic and that’s dandy, the real (read- “self serving”) reason for me publishing this blog is to foster the idea that being just as Active after childhood/youth/high school/college should be achievable.  The idea that one day you can be taking your bike up that ridiculously steep hill with all the kids in the neighborhood and the next day  doing blocking drills in volleyball practice with the team.  I never worried about picking one sport to concentrate on and while some would argue that this diluted whatever skill and potential I had in one sport, it opened my eyes up to many different types of athletic sporting types and assured that it would be virtually impossible for me to burn out. Someone once told me it just meant I would be mediocre in many sports and hurt my potential for recruitment in the collegiate level. Guess what?  My active lifestyle was and is not defined by one or two achievements on the playing field and certainly not dependent on a 4/5 year span. As I transitioned into my adult years with no distorted illusions of making it big or going pro, I still find delight in trying new athletic challenges. I believe an open mind and eager child still lives within us- why suppress it?

So I encourage you all to find that inner child and toss aside your silly adult restrictions.

Go out and find that mountain peak, ride that century, complete that marathon, join that coed 7v7 soccer team, play pickup basketball, jog to the ocean, bring a volleyball to the sand court, don that wetsuit,  buy a glove,  learn how to be in a scrum…Think less, DO more!!


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